Virtual data rooms are a natural extension of actual data rooms. Initially, they were needed to facilitate the passage of large transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. Previously, a huge room was allocated for this process, in which the necessary documents were collected, many employees, and the event took months. VDR technology dramatically simplifies the process and makes it fast and comfortable for all participants. In general, virtual rooms can be used for the following tasks.

Major deals in companies

First, virtual data rooms are intended for large transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, company purchases, and bankruptcy. These are complex processes that require a large number of documents shared between lawyers and managers of one or several enterprises. VDR technology offers the most convenient format for all participants in the process.

Preparing the company for an IPO

If you are going to take your company to the stock market, you also need careful preparation. The best way to do this is to use a virtual data room. Then, all participants in the process can comfortably carry out their work activities: collect documents, prepare reports and analytics, discuss them, and so on.


Virtually all virtual data rooms have integrations that help host virtual meetings for board members. During meetings, you can vote, make minutes, make a decision and immediately certify it with your electronic signature.

Working with documents

If it is essential for you that company employees work with documents only in a secure space, VDR technology is the best fit for this. Here you can work with documents in different formats: view, edit, and so on. In addition, large companies can request from developers individually added options related to working with documents.

File storage

This is the easiest way to use a virtual data room – you can store documents in it. The vital point is that you can safely leave any files here. Due to flexible access settings, not all employees can see or edit the documentation. You also have a complete history of viewing and editing documents. Encryption and double authentication prevent third parties from accessing files.

Analytics and reporting

With the help of a virtual data room in integrated artificial intelligence, you can easily collect reports on various company affairs and analyze financial indicators. This is especially important if your company operates in the financial sector and is engaged in banking.

Space for collaborative remote work

With the advent of Covid-19 in our lives, views on the need for remote work have changed. Many companies now allow their employees to work remotely, at least occasionally. It turned out that for many, it is much more comfortable than the constant presence in the office.

A virtual data room can replace many online collaboration tools at once. Here you can edit files with your colleagues and discuss all work issues at meetings.

But most importantly, all your working moments are solved in a completely protected space from attacks.